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UD SP GAME USED HOCKEY 19/20 (6/1/20)

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6 Cards per Pack
1 Pack per Box
10 Boxes per Inner Shipper
2 Inner Shippers per Case


§  SP Game-Used Hockey is back with an abundance of limited edition memorabilia!
o   Find a multitude of cards featuring jerseys, patches, pucks, sticks, gloves and net cord from the marquee NHL events: the Global Series, the Winter Classic, the All-Star Game & Skills Competition, and the Stanley Cup Finals!§  Look for 100 base cards and 100 Authentic Rookies (featuring members of the 2019-20 rookie class) serial #’d to each player’s jersey number.
§  NEW! Be on the lookout for Showcase Standouts (w/ autograph parallels), a new insert featuring one-of-a-kind jersey & patch cards. The material comes from the jerseys worn at the annual NHL Rookie Showcase game. §  Collect a new wave of Draft Day Marks letterman cards, including veterans #’d to 10 and rookies #’d to 35 (per letter).
§  Seek out Supreme PatchesGlovesSticks, Skates and Pads featuring a selection of the game’s top stars accompanied by extra-large swatches of super-premium, game-used material!
§  NEW! Snag All-Star Weekend inserts featuring banner and jersey swatches from All-Star Weekend. There’s also an all-patch parallel numbered to just 5!
§  Not only can you snag large banner swatches from All-Star Weekend, but also the Winter Classic, the draft, and the Stanley Cup Finals through the popular Banner Year insert! These swatches come from the actual banners hung by the NHL at each of these special events.
§  Game Gear, Tools of the GameFrameworksA Piece of HistoryLocker Essentials and Draft Swag are back! Keep an eye out for premium material parallels numbered as low as 5.