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  • Jazz (Autobot Car, 1984/1985)
    • Japanese ID number: 06
    • Accessories: Photon rifle, missile launcher, 3 missiles
Originally a pre-Transformers Diaclone Porsche 935 Turbo, Jazz was part of the original assortment of Autobots released in 1984. He transforms into a Martini Racing Porsche 935/76, specifically the Martini-sponsored 935 which won the first circuit of the 1976 World Championship for Makes, the Mugello Circuit. Like other Autobots who sported similar "sponsor" decals, however, Jazz's stickers deliberately misspell his sponsor as "Martinii". In robot mode, he is armed with a silver photon rifle and a shoulder-mounted, spring-loaded rocket launcher that can fire three silver missiles.
Like all his 1984 brethren, Jazz gained a heat-activated rubsign in 1985, added to the right-hand side of his hood. That same year, Jazz was also made available as a mail-away exclusive from Cookie Crisp cereal; this edition of the figure featured modified stickers on its car doors that omitted the "Martinii" words, and entirely lacked the "Martinii Porsche" decals for the windshield and rear spoiler.
The packaging for the Milton Bradley release of Jazz in Germany, France, the Netherlands, Belgium, and Spain sported an additional "Porsche" remark after his name. The significance of this is still unknown at this point.
Jazz was later reissued by Hasbro as part of the European and Australian Classics sub-line in 1990 and the The Transformers: Generation One Commemorative Series line in 2003, and by Takara/TakaraTomy as part of the The Transformers Collection (2002) and Transformers Encore (2008) lines. See entries below for more details.
In an undocumented feature, unpegging the hands from the shoulders in vehicle mode gives the figure working steering.
This mold was also used to make (the originally Japanese-exclusive) Stepper, later renamed Ricochet for Hasbro's reissue.