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Dark Lord Crazy Clown Boglin


Boglin Dark Lords

The Boglin Dark Lords are veiled in sinister mystery. In true chicken-or-the-egg fashion no one knows if the Boglin Dark Lords came first, or the tales that we tell children to scare them came first. Either way, what you heard is probably true!

Dark Lord Crazy Clown

For many years, Crazy Clown was considered to be just a myth. Bogobones and Blobkin were said to whisper stories about him in children’s ears at night as they slept, giving them horrible nightmares. Many say Crazy Clown pulls horrible practical jokes on other Boglins and sometimes humans too. He has been known to put whipped cream in peoples hands at night so they wake up with a faceful in the morning. The rumors about him spread like wildfire and everyone cowers at the sound of his name. So don’t ever whisper his name three times in the dark at night in the Boglands less he sneak up on you and give you the Hee Bee Gee Bees! Oh, please, whatever you do, don’t play the Bee Gees!